Welcome to Microbion

Microbion’s bismuth-thiol (BT) family of compounds have potent, broad spectrum efficacy against all antibiotic resistant bacteria tested to date. Additionally they have the highly advantageous and product-differentiating capability to prevent and eradicate microbial biofilms. Their effectiveness against MRSA, MDR TB, CRE, VRE, and other antibiotic resistant pathogens highlights their potential to provide solutions to the dramatic and alarming increase in global antibiotic resistance.

Microbion’s internal development pipeline is focused on therapeutic applications of BTs:

  • Microbion’s lead BT has been granted FDA Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) status for orthopedic infections – a designation that is anticipated to facilitate regulatory development and extend market exclusivity.
  • Phase 1 clinical studies have been completed and our lead BT is poised to begin Phase 2 clinical studies directed at treatment of serious, life- or limb- threatening infections associated with orthopedic implants and chronic wounds.
  • Pre-clinical studies directed at the development of new antimicrobial/antibiofilm therapies for serious lung infections and for biodefense are underway or in the planning stages.

The antibiofilm properties of the BTs also make them ideal candidates for use as environmentally responsible solutions to the problem of biofouling in a wide range of industrial processes. A core component of Microbion’s business strategy is the leveraging of the multi-faceted potential of the BT platform technology through strategic partnering of the industrial uses including applications related to biocorrosion in both oil and gas industries, and both water filtration and desalinization.