Our Technology

Microbion is developing innovative, site-specific delivery approaches for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases by virtue of the broad-spectrum antimicrobial and anti-biofilm properties of the compounds derived from our novel platform technology. This new class of microbial bioenergetic inhibitors selectively halts energy production in bacteria, resulting in a global shutdown of all biosynthetic pathways, including the production and maintenance of bacterial biofilms.

Microbion’s site specific delivery approach avoids systemic administration of our compounds that potentially: enables higher therapeutic concentration of drug at site of infection resulting in greater efficacy; reduces off-target effects and toxicity resulting in improved safety profile; and lowers risk of developing antibiotic resistance that is associated with systemic administration. The combination of these advantageous characteristics creates a favorable commercial opportunity.

Based on safety and efficacy observed in extensive pre-clinical studies and from the 328 subjects dosed in five clinical studies, our lead compound, pravibismane, is anticipated to safely and effectively treat antibiotic-resistant infections including those caused by MRSA, VRE and many other resistant bacteria, as well as those implicated in respiratory infection. The potent anti-biofilm properties of Microbion’s compounds combined with their activity against antibiotic-resistant pathogens provides a novel and potentially game-changing strategy for treatment of infections.

Our Pipeline